Grill houses in Sitia - Free delivery in Sitia

There are many grill houses in Sitia.

We present you the most well known grill houses in Sitia where you can go sit and enjoy gyros, souvlaki or whatever you like and also drink beer, wine, raki or ... and have a great time!!!

You can also take away or order by phone and request for food delivery in your place.

All the grill houses in Sitia offer free delivery service.

Enjoy your vacation - holidays in Sitia !!!
  • Kritikos grill house in Sitia
    Kritikos is one of the most reputable grill houses of Sitia. The pita gyros that is served is one of the most well known of the town and one of the house specialties is the sandwich Kritikos that is half meter long and includes 400gr of meat and much more.
  • Zoi & Kota
    Zoi & Kota is one of the most well known grill houses of Sitia`s town. Specialty of the house is the grilled chicken that can be accompanied by a variety of sauces. All the specialties of the house grilled on the charcoals. Manolis and Aggeliki the owners offer chicken gyros and pork gyros, tasty portions, various delicacies wrapped in pita bread and more.
  • Alatopipero
    Alatopipero is one of the new grill houses in town. Manolis (the owner) who is doing this job for many years and is excellent cook recently moved and opened this new grill house in the town`s center at 8 K. Karamanli Street. In Alatopipero you can find gyros, a la minute dishes, delicious dishes of different kinds spit meat and also the specialties that Manolis prepares and worth`s tasting.
  • Souvlaki Abakos
    Souvlaki Abakos 133, Εl. Venizelou str., Sitia
    Τraditional Cafe - Grill house